Popular Theory

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A coming-of-age comedy that plumbs the complexities of companionship and ambition. Erwin (Reid-Gantzert) is a 12-year-old girl genius completely out of sorts as the youngest student in high school. She’s faced with only one problem she can’t solve: Social isolation. With fellow outcast and chemistry guru Winston (Lambert), the duo team up to invent a chemical that will change the high school hierarchy forever.


Ali Scher


Ali Scher, Joe Swanson


Sophia Reid-Gantzert (“The Baby-Sitters Club”), Cheryl Hines (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Marc Evan Jackson (“The Good Place”), Lincoln Lambert (“Nope”), and Chloe East (“The Fabelmans”), Melissa Ponzio (“Teen Wolf”), Eugenie Bondurant (“The Conjuring”), Kat Conner Sterling (“The Gifted”), Mason Mecartea (“Stranger Things”), Varak Baronian (“Homicide City”), and Sparrow Nicole (“Stranger Things”)

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