School of Magical Animals 2

COMING 6/7/24


An action-packed sequel to Blue Fox Entertainment's 2023 Family Adventure. The students of The School of Magical Animals want to perform a musical for the school’s anniversary. Will the rehearsals end in chaos or will the class pull together? And what’s up with the strange holes on the school grounds? With the help of their magical animals, the children learn what really matters: teamwork.

Language: English

Country: Germany


Sven Unterwaldt


Thorsten Näter, Sven Unterwaldt, Alexander Dydyna, Viola M. J. Schmidt. Based on the bestselling book series for children and young people by Margit Auer


Emilia Maier, Loris Sichrovsky, Lilith Johna, Leonard Conrads, Emilia Pieske, Nadja Uhl, Justus von Dohnányi, Heiko Pinkowski and Milan Peschel

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