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Neil (Jake McLaughlin) experiences an inexplicable time distortion in an abandoned military test site while inspecting it with his business partner Garrison (Theo Rossi). Soon, Neil is having repeated traumatic flashes back to a WWII prison camp in China called Unit 731, which somehow holds the thread to his own unraveling present. Neil begins to realize that the past lives and events in this place of unspeakable brutality seem to mirror his own trauma with his son Wiley and his wife Elena (Arielle Kebbel). Desperate for answers, Neil enlists Naomi (Miki Ishikawa) to help him find the facility’s last surviving scientist. Ultimately, Neil awakens to a new redemptive responsibility, both within his own family and the greater society around him.


Jason Eric Perlman


Jason Eric Perlman


Jake McLaughlin (Apple’s Blackbird, ABC’s’ Will Trent, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Safe House, Home, Cloverfield, Warrior), Arielle Kebbel (Fox series 9-1-1, NBC series Midnight, Texas, ABC’s Grand Hotel, Fifty Shades Freed, The Grudge 2, The Uninvited), Theo Rossi (FX series Sons of Anarchy, Luke Cage, Emily the Criminal), and Miki Ishikawa (Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, AMC’s The Terror, Fox series 9-1-1 and NCIS: LA), and Yoson An (Plane, Disney’s Mulan).

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