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Levi Miller stars as 15-year-old Benjamin Lane, a gifted young swimmer on the brink of the biggest swim meet of his life that could see him qualify for the Olympics. Pushed by his ruthless coach, Glenn (Robert Morgan) and his adoring but misguided mother, Kim (a terrific Laura Gordon), it’s unclear if Ben actually wants the life he’s seemingly being forced to chase. When his estranged father (Jason Isaacs) suddenly gets out of jail, Benjamin’s fight to escape his tumultuous past to Olympic glory becomes even more dangerous...


Tyson Wade Johnston


Tyson Wade Johnston


Levi Miller (A Wrinkle in Time, Pan, Red Dog, True Blue)

Jason Isaacs (Hotel Mumbai, The Death of Stalin)

Jake Ryan

Laura Gordon

Sam Parsonson

Robert Morgan

Hunter Page-Lochard

Isaac Drandic

Steve Bastoni

Tasia Zalar

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