Wolf Boy

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A road trip and coming of age journey featuring 13yr old Paul who suffers from hypertrichosis, an illness that causes hair growth over the entirety of his face and body.After a disastrous carnival experience where Paul is taunted for his appearance, he goes in search of his mother who abandoned him at birth. In the wilds of New Jersey he encounters a variety of unusual and dangerous characters, including two other young outsiders: Aristiana, a transgender girl moonlighting as a drag queen, and Rose, a homeless youth who survives by robbing gas station convenience stores. As Paul and his companions venture onwards, they’re pursued on two fronts: first, by the sinister Mr. Silk, an enigmatic carnival owner furious at Paul for the destruction of his traveling carnival, and second, by Pollok, a police officer enlisted by Paul’s father to track down his missing son.


Martin Krejčí



Olivia Dufault


Jaeden Martell, Sophie Giannamore, John Turturro, Eve Hewson, Chris Messina, Michelle Wilson, Chloë Sevigny, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Meliss Mandisa, Nick Pulinski, Colin Farrell, Samuel Fesmire, Kate Thulin, Bob Rusch, Kristy Nolen, Doug Crane, James J. B. Alfieri, Brian Grupp

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