Veteran actor Brian Cox has appeared in well over 200 film and television projects, with HBO’s Succession his most recent success. Even before playing the Emmy-winning show’s irascible patriarch Logan Roy, the Scottish actor made an indelible mark in Hollywood with his chilling turn as the original Hannibal Lecter in the seminal crime film Manhunter, which led to roles in Braveheart, Rushmore, The Bourne Identity, X2, The Ring, Match Point, 25th Hour, Zodiac, and Super Troopers, to name just a handful of his credits.

When Cox wraps a project, he doesn’t let it linger; instead, he moves on to the next character. Thus, he’s a bit apologetic when asked to recount specific moments from the making of his new movie Prisoner’s Daughter, in which he plays Max, a cancer-stricken ex-con who is released into the care of his estranged daughter (Kate Beckinsale) to live out his house arrest. He looks a bit different as well than he does as Logan Roy, as his white hair has been dyed out and he’s even sporting a few prison tattoos.

What Cox does remember fondly is shooting with Beckinsale, who he says was “great fun,” and revisiting Las Vegas, where the film was shot — and not because he’s an avid gambler. No, Sin City hosted Cox’s wedding day 21 years ago at The Little White Chapel, where the pianist coincidentally paid homage to one of the actor’s movies.

Above the Line recently spoke with Brian Cox, who was in Paris while doing his best to provide entertaining anecdotes from the set of Prisoner’s Daughter, which hails from director Catherine Hardwicke. Balking at any type of method to his acting madness, the fiery Emmy winner explained his personal connection to the story and why he took to social media to defend Turner Classic Movies, as he’s passionate about preserving the classics that have defined cinematic history.

Above the Line: I’m curious about when you shot this film given your Succession schedule, and how much time elapsed between playing Logan Roy and playing Max in this movie.

Brian Cox: I’m sorry, I can’t remember. It was such a while ago. I think I did three films, one after the other. I did this around Christmas time, so it was probably about maybe two months. I did another film before that called The Independent. I did three films. I made Mending the Line, The Independent, [and] I think I did this in November.

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