"This week, I had the good fortune of talking with local Arizona author Erin Jade Lange and director Paul A. Kaufman. Both Lange and Kaufman have much to celebrate this week. Today, Feb. 25, “Butter,” written and directed by Kaufman and adapted from Lange’s book, debuts in select theaters.

“Butter” follows the life of a sweet, saxophone-playing high schooler named Marshall (nicknamed Butter) who faces complex adversity because of his obesity. In an effort to reclaim some semblance of control, he makes a proclamation to “eat himself to death” live for all to see on New Year’s Eve. Despite the heaviness attached with the subject matter, “Butter” manages to be heartwarming and humorous. You can read a review of the film here.

During our conversation, Lange and Kaufman illuminated some of the behind-the-scenes details about bringing “Butter” from the book to the big screen. And, Lange shared why the Valley serves as the backdrop for both the book and movie."

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