Daisy Ridley and Stephen Fry lend their voices to the upcoming stop-motion animated movie The Inventor, illuminating the life of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Stop-motion film The Inventor has a new trailer, featuring the voices of Star Wars' Daisy Ridley and The Sandman's Stephen Fry.

In a creative leap from the team that created the Academy Award-winning movie Ratatouille, a new stop-motion masterpiece is on the horizon. The spotlight shines on a real-life visionary, Leonardo Da Vinci, whose voice is supplied by veteran actor and comedian Fry. The trailer offers a glimpse into the essence of Da Vinci, not only showcasing his ingenious creations but also delving into the profound personal struggles that shaped his extraordinary journey.

The Inventor will focus on the latter years of Da Vinci's life, presenting him with a long beard and bald head, iconic symbols of his later days. The trailer opens with Da Vinci introducing himself, in his own unique way, as "a rather insightful inventor." This sets the stage for the central plot, which delves into how this remarkable figure became the legend we know today.

As the scenes unfold, fans will witness Da Vinci's relentless dedication to his inventive creations. While some are in awe of his genius, others are unsettled by his audacity, viewing his works as a challenge to conservative Italian values. This resistance pushes Da Vinci to venture to France, where he seeks the freedom to explore his brilliance without limitations within the French court. His quest leads him to experiment with flying contraptions, invent incredible machines, and delve into the study of the human body, all in a quest to unravel the ultimate question: "What is the meaning of life?"

The Inventor marks Jim Capobianco's first feature directorial endeavor. Capobianco, a seasoned storyteller celebrated for co-creating the original concept of Ratatouille alongside Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava, said his fascination with Da Vinci's personal life fueled his desire to bring this aspect of the inventor's journey to the silver screen.

Capobianco has worked on iconic Disney projects such as The Lion King and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as well as Pixar's Toy Story 2, Up, and Coco, among many others. The director co-writes and executive produces The Inventor while sharing the directorial credit with Pierre-Luc Granjon. In addition to Fry and Ridley, The Inventor features the voices of Marion Cotillard, Gauthier Battoue, and Matt Berry.

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