"Clarence Fuller brings in competition to Alice in the City Signs of love, a film about the saving power of love and the complexity of family ties. At the center of the story is 30-year-old Frankie ( Hopper Penn ), who lives in a seedy neighborhood north of Philadelphia with his alcoholic sister and nephew, whom he wishes he could give a better life to. The meeting with Jane ( Zoë Bleu ), a deaf girl from a wealthy family, will lead him to regain hope in the future and in love, overcoming the traumas he has faced in the past and returning to trust in life and in people. .

" The film was written in 2011, but it came out over ten years later because I only found the right inspiration when I moved to Philadelphia before the pandemic ," explained director Clarence Fuller . A city that has certainly given added value and that is part of history as a third protagonist: " We wanted to give an honest portrait of Philadelphia, everything you see in the film has a local origin - explains the producer - Philadelphia has peculiar characteristics compared to the the rest of the USA, it has a lot of color, it has a unique attitude, there is also a subtle vein of darkness that we wanted to transfer ». "

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