Even though we are constantly bombarded with superhero blockbusters and mega-franchises on our screens, sometimes it’s good to just kick back and watch a comfort movie that will feel like a hug. In that regard, Blue Fox Entertainment is here to reveal to you that Mending the Line is coming your way, and they reached out to Collider to debut the first trailer of the movie that stars Brian Cox (X2: X-Men United) and Sinqua Walls (White Men Can’t Jump). We can now share this trailer with you.

The trailer for Mending the Line makes it clear that the drama won’t shy away from depicting how mentally exhausting can be the life of someone who lives with PTSD. In the story, John Colter (Walls) is a wounded veteran that gets sent home to Livingston, Montana. After a series of disturbing episodes and panic attacks, John decides to take up fly fishing just for the heck of it and ends up making a surprising discovery.

Mending The Line Is Comforting, But Handles Serious Themes

The Mending The Line trailer also reveals that the movie will tackle more than trauma. The movie will set out to depict grief, loss, and how certain relationships are only possible if the people involved have had experiences they can relate to. This comes in the form of other characters played by Perry Mattfield (In The Dark), Patricia Heaton (The Middle), Chris Galust (Give Me Liberty), Irene Bedard (How to Blow Up a Pipeline) and Wes Studi (The Last of the Mohicans).

Check out the trailer here!