Zachary Levi’s holiday movie Teddy’s Christmas has set its U.S. release date, Deadline reports. The Norwegian family Christmas feature centers around a young girl and her new teddy bear (Levi) and uses a mix of live-action and CGI to bring this fantastical world to life. Directed by Andrea Eckerbom, the feature is based on Alf Prøysen’s song ‘Teddybjørnens Vise,’ written for the screen by Harald RosenløwEeg and Lars Gudmestad.

When an 8-year-old girl, Mariann, visits the local Christmas market, she finds a teddy bear that moves on the top shelf of a carnival game booth. Finding an instant connection with the stuffed animal, she can’t think of any better wish than to win him, however, when someone else wins Teddy, it’s up to him and his new hedgehog friend, Bolla, to “reconnect with Mariann and discover the true importance of family and friendship.”

Overall, the feature sounds like the perfect holiday season watch, with the themes of friendship and holiday spirit making it a perfect watch for the family. Starring alongside Levi is young actor Marte Klerck-Nilssen as Mariann, along with Jan Gunnar Røise (A Storm for Christmas), Nader Khademi (Countrymen), and Mariann Hole (The Half Brother). Levi’s performance in the English dubbed version is sure to tickle young and old fans alike. With features like Shazam!, Tangled, and the latest Spy Kids franchise under his belt, the young audience is quite fond of Levi, who will bring his charm to voice the CGI bear.

'Teddy's Christmas' Is the Latest in a Christmas Trilogy

The feature is the third Christmas movie in the trilogy based on beloved Norwegian poet and writer, Prøysen’s work, following up on the 2016s Santa Swap Merry Christmas Mr Andersen helmed by Terge Rangnes, and 2019’s Forgotten Christmas, also directed by Eckerbom. “This is the kind of magical family holiday film that warms the hearts of young and old, and we are thrilled to bring it to American audiences, who we know are going to love Zachary Levi as “Teddy,” said Drew Goldblatt, capelight pictures SVP of North American Distribution.

Teddy’s Christmas will hit theaters across the U.S. on December 1. No streaming date or platform has been announced yet.

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