"t may still winter, but if you're looking for a sexy, spicy rom-com to heat up your spring, we've found a treat for you. The End of Sex is a new romantic comedy premiering next month all about reigniting sex lives instead of sparking them in the first place, which, refreshing!

In The End of Sex, Emily Hampshire and Jonas Chernick team up as a couple hitting a rut in the bedroom who are *determined* to find a sexy solve. The movie is directed by Sean Garrity and here's the gist of the plot, courtesy of Blue Fox Entertainment:

"While their kids are away at camp for a week, Emma and Josh, feeling the pressure of parenting and a house to themselves, decide to have as much sex as they want. However, they realize that their love-making has become boring and fear that this could mean their relationship is in decline. They embark on a series of adventures to reinvigorate their sex life and save their marriage."

Sounds fun and juicy, no? Cosmopolitan has the official trailer above, which delivers both laughs and stakes while introducing viewers to Emma and Josh—the latter hilariously, when he is asked within the first 11 seconds, "How often would you say you and Emma are having an orgasm?" (We love a trailer that dives right in!)"

Check out the trailer debut here!