How can a solider haunted by his wartime experiences calm down PTSD?  Go fish.

That’s the prescription taken to heart by the psychologically wounded warrior at the heart of filmmaker Stephen Camelio’s Mending the Line, a deeply affecting new drama about the healing power of friendship and the therapeutic value of fly-fishing. Sinqua Walls is the troubled Marine who wades into the water in search of recovery, Brian Cox is the crotchety fly-fisherman who serves as his mentor — and C&I reader favorite Wes Studi is the sagacious operator of a bait and tackle shop in the quiet corner of Montana where the story is set.

We caught up with Studi shortly before Mending the Line kicked off its limited theatrical release on Friday. And as usual, the Oscar-winning actor was amusing and engaging as he shared insights and anecdotes. Especially when he described his first acting gig as something of a hellraiser.

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