"Few things show off the true powers of movie magic more than natural disaster films. After all, they're the only way you can watch a giant tidal wave crash into the Statue of Liberty or see Yellowstone’s dormant super volcano erupt—at least for now, anyway.

How would we deal with an approaching asteroid set to collide with Earth? Would we send a team of oil drillers-turned-astronauts to destroy it like in Armageddon, or would we ignore it completely and accept our fate like in Don't Look Up? Luckily, we can watch either scenario play out in just about two hours and then go about our day, without having to worry about how to rebuild New York City from the ground up.

Catch a glimpse of the end of the world in many of the films listed below, and then head to our list of the best thrillers available on Netflix for some equally devastating man-made disasters."

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