"Does life get mundane after marriage? And more so when the married couple have children in their lives? That’s the problem Josh (Jonas Chernick) and Emma (Emily Hampshire) are facing in ‘The End of Sex’, a new indie rom-com from Sean Garrity of the award-winning ‘Inertia’ (2001) and ‘My Awkward Sexual Adventure’ (2012) fame.

Chernick, who also wrote the screenplay, doesn’t break any new ground. But it was something that anyone – married or not — could relate to the situation like Josh and Emma. In ‘The End of Sex’, we first see what a happy family life is that Josh and Emma enjoy with their wonderful daughters. So, when their girls are away at winter camp, they finally have a week all to themselves. They suggest plenty of things but ultimately settle for something they have been putting off for a long while. And that is, making love without having to worry about their kids around. They can even make noise as loud as they want. But instead of potentially passionate sex, it didn’t end up as well as they thought, complete with their inner-thought remarks like ‘mild chafing’, ‘tongue cramp’, and ‘definitely too much teeth’ literally popped up on-screen."

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