"In the Jewish tradition, and truly in all human-oriented practices, one is bidden to remember. You must remember historical events, be they tragic or joyous. People’s historical memory is the primary driver of survival through perpetuity. The more a people recount their personal histories, preserving them by writing them down or capturing them on film, the more surety they will continue to exist.

This brings us to the tradition of Holocaust documentaries. Starting in 1949 with the Polish production The Last Stage to the landmark nine-part series Shoah and the Speilberg produced The Last Days, there has been a drive to preserve as many stories of Holocaust survivors as possible. It is a righteous work, and I hope the trend is expanded to other genocides, as those seem to continue to be perpetrated all over the world. This brings us to Ella Blumenthal and Jordy Sank’s I Am Here."

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