The End of Sex–directed by Sean Garrity and written by Jonas Chernick–and starring Jonas Chernick and Emily Hampshire, is an occasionally fun sex comedy with a believable marriage at its center.


The End of Sex is an occasionally fun sex romp built around relationship insecurities. Josh and Emma have been married for ten years, and as they see the marriages of their friends fail, the couple wonders if they will stay together.

Josh and Emma’s concerns about their sex life going stagnant are realistic. They go to extremes to rekindle their passion, but the film could have went further with the situations this domestic married couple find themselves in.

But this combination of supposed raunchy sex comedy with heartwarming romantic comedy adds a layer of unique charm to The End of Sex. The film explores how all couples are not the same. And for Josh and Emma, their love comes through with the most truth and passion within their normal life, far away from their planned sexual escapades.

Throughout the film, its sexuality comes more from a place of romcom tropes than raunchy comedy staples. The End of Sex explores familiar romantic comedy devices such as making each other jealous, awkward situations, and unexpected crushes. These elements, for the most part, are well-crafted with charm, familiarity, and comfortable chemistry between Chernick and Hampshire, making Josh and Emma’s longtime relationship feel natural.

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