""Whoever told you that I am old?! Look at me!" Blue Fox Ent. has released the trailer for the documentary film titled I Am Here, made by filmmaker Jordy Sank. Ella is not your average 98-year-old. Her magnetic personality makes her past even more surprising. Follow this spirited South African Holocaust survivor as she reveals her astonishing life journey and unwavering appreciation of life. This first premiered last year and is arriving in US theaters this March. A life-affirming documentary that celebrates the remarkable life of Ella Blumenthal. One of the oldest living survivors of the Holocaust, Ella celebrates her 98th birthday, where she reveals to close friends and family profound memories of her incredible survival in a way she has never done before. Told through a mixture of dynamic 2D animation and documentary footage. It looks like a remarkable film with an important story that must be captured forever and told to every new generation."

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