Mending the Line, from Blue Fox Entertainment, brings to screen an inspiring veteran drama that guides the viewer through a winding journey of loss, renewed hope, discovery, possibility, purpose, and the healing power of nature.

The film begins in Afghanistan, with Sergeant John Colter, played by Sinqua Walls, telling his battalion of Marines, on the last day of their tour of duty, that they are headed out for one last patrol. The news goes over like a lead weight, as a new crop of fresh recruits just landed. Colter and his men roll through the village, which is eerily empty. Suddenly they are ambushed...

Mending the Line is a story about finding something to make living worthwhile. Cotler, like many wounded vets, returns from duty still carrying the demons of war, and we see that with usually easy social interactions, sights, sounds, and even uneven lighting causing major breakdowns and resulting in an urgency to self-medicate.  

The cinematography is inviting, with images of the bending, winding river, the fast-rushing water is visually enticing and evokes, along with the score which touches the soul, a sense of peace.

Mending the Line is uplifting and for anyone who has suffered loss and holds the sorrow so close, that time stops, and it seals you in a vacuum, the film introduces new avenues that may usher in the beginning stages of healing.

Inspirational, encouraging and emotional, Mending the Line, opens in theaters June 9, 2023. See it.  

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