Over the course of his long career, Brian Cox has worked on a wide variety of films and television, encompassing thrillers (The Bourne Identity, Red), period dramas set in Scotland (Rob Roy, Braveheart) and cerebral thrillers abounding with serial killers (Zodiac, The Minus Man, Manhunter). And with Succession airing its final episode over the weekend, another chapter in Cox’s career has come to an end.

Based on a story he posted to his Instagram account on the afternoon of May 29, his time on the show is one he regards fondly. “We have now come to the end. And what has been, in my career, certainly the greatest work experience ever,” Cox wrote. “The harmony between cast and crew was truly amazing.”Cox went on to hail “the Love and commitment from crew to cast and writers” over the course of his time on the series. As IndieWire’s article on Cox’s comments pointed out, it was a different kind of candor than the occasional bluntness for which he’s become known.

For those curious about where they might see Cox on screen next, the answer involves fly fishing. He’s set to appear in Mending the Line, a film about veterans finding relief from their trauma in the outdoors. It’s set to open theatrically on June 9.

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