"Bloody Hell is a raw, unfiltered account of writer/director Molly McGlynn’s teenage troubles, nailed with heartfelt precision by Maddie Ziegler at the center.

I’ve been rooting for Maddie Ziegler for years, ever since I saw her in The Book of Henry (yes, I like that movie, leave me alone) and even further back in Sia’s music videos and the other Sia thing we don’t need to talk about. I see so much potential in her and have been waiting for her to break out as a big name. And between the acclaim she got for last year’s The Fallout and the acclaim she should get now for Bloody Hell, I’m hopeful that she’s on her way there. The same goes for writer/director Molly McGlynn, whom I’d never heard of before but whose career I’m going to make sure I follow after seeing this."

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