"A man and a woman meet at a party on the French Riviera, and they instantly fall in love. These two are proven liars, as he's trying to make a good impression with people more successful than him and she's playing a game—or so it would seem—of hiding her real identity, but Waiting for Bojangles makes it clear that this love, as hastily passionate and unlikely as it might seem, is the real deal—for better and, as other realities become apparent, for worse.

The film, written by director Régis Roinsard and Romain Compingt, features the kind of story that could go terribly wrong in terms of its tone, how it presents a key detail about one of the characters, and the general air of lightheartedness and eccentricity that seems to define its first act. On the surface, this is a love story about a couple of quirky, carefree people who seem to have no worries, no problems, and only adoration and affection for each other. Theirs is a bliss that seems too good to be true, and in revealing how the relationship is that way, the film is ultimately deeper, more compassionate, and more melancholy than it first appears to be."

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