Our Flag Means Death and Flight of the Conchords star Rhys Darby leads the upcoming science fiction comedy Relax, I'm from the Future, for which a new trailer for this seemingly perfect blend of comedy and sci-fi has now been unveiled. Coming courtesy of Blue Fox Entertainment, Darby stars as Casper, a time traveler trapped in the past who befriends Holly, a jaded drifter. They exploit his knowledge of the future, oblivious to the consequences they have set in motion, while a more competent time traveler, Doris, tries to stop them. Check out the trailer for Relax, I'm from the Future below.

“Relax, I'm from the Future follows Casper, a charming, but embarrassingly underprepared Time Traveler, now trapped in the past,” the official synopsis reads. It continues:

“When he befriends Holly, a jaded drifter, she helps him exploit his trivial knowledge of the future for a series of quick payouts, oblivious to the consequences they have set in motion. When Doris, a more competent Time Traveler, tracks them down, Casper and Holly are forced to figure out exactly what they mean to each other and whether the future they’ve threatened is even worth saving. Will they embrace their fate, or do they have the courage to change it?”

Starring Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords, What We Do in the Shadows), Gabrielle Graham (In the Shadow of the Moon), Janinie Theriault (Pompeii) and Julian Richings (Man of Steel), Relax, I'm From the Future is the feature directorial debut of Luke Higginson, who also wrote the screenplay and edited the film. The feature length film is in fact based on Higginson’s short film of the same name that premiered at TIFF a decade ago.

Check out the trailer here