Zachary Levi voices an adorable stuffed bear in the heartwarming but super snowy Norwegian Christmas movie dubbed in English.

Halloween has just ended, so you know what that means — dropkick your pumpkins, tear down your ghosts; hang the holly and blast the Mariah Carey. From one season to another, we are rapidly transitioning into the warm and fuzzy Christmas season, and nothing screams warm and fuzzy like an adorable teddy bear voiced by none other than the delightful Zachary Levi, one of our favorite charmers from titles like Chuck, Shazam!, Tangled, and the upcoming Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget. Levi stars as the animated "Teddy" in a new and sweet international holiday film, Teddy's Christmas.

Andrea Eckerbom’s magical film is a Norwegian holiday story about an eight-year-old girl who pursues an adventurous living teddy bear mixes live action and CGI-animation, and has been dubbed in English for the release. It stars Levi, Marte Klerck-Nilssen, Jan Gunnar Røise (The Thing), Nader Khademi (Countrymen), and Mariann Hole (Made in Oslo). You can check out the official trailer HERE