"Model Chloe Yu and The Resort’s Nina Bloomgarden deliver fantastic performances in Jane, a psychological thriller about a stress-ridden high school student in mourning.

After Chloe Yu’s character, Jane, commits suicide, her best friend, Olivia [Madelaine Petsch], endures anxiety attacks and visions of Jane haunting her. Olivia’s behaviors worsen as Nina Bloomgarden’s character, Camille, enrolls into her high school and becomes an instant rival. To cope with her stress, anxiety, and grief, Olivia partners with former best friend Izzy [Chloe Bailey], using their dead friend’s social media account as a way to anonymously cyberbully their high school community.

Pop Crave had the chance to speak with Yu and Bloomgarden about social media’s impact on mental health, working on set with Chloe Bailey and Madelaine Petsch, and their immense love for all things Trader Joe’s!"

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