Mending The Line.   This is a little gem of a movie.  It is in very limited release but worth finding.  It is the story of soldiers and how they cope with PTSD and what we can to to better support them.  Colter (Sinqua Walls)  is a Marine wounded in Afghanistan.  He has bounced around various V.A. facilities but still is deeply disturbed.   His latest assignment is a V.A. facility in Montana.  His doctor sends him out to learn how to fly fish from Ike (Brian Cox) who is a Vietnam Vet.  Ike is a tough customer who has seen it all.  The horrors of war; self medication; violence; he has experienced it.  He is also a skilled fly fisherman who teaches Colter the nuances of water, fly presentation and patience.  These lessons get through to Colter who for the first time can discuss his pain and hopefully move on.  It is also helpful that he develops a relationship with Lucy who is dealing with loss of her own. Rated R for language and some violent images.  In Theatres.  It is a Peggy’s Pick.

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