Chuck says:

Joshua Caldwell’s “Mending the Line” has a great deal on its plate. Focusing on three damaged souls desperately in need of healing and understanding, the film is steeped in good intentions as well as a good measure of coincidence. Still, if you can get past the obvious premise, there’s a great deal to like about the movie, much of it stemming from Caldwell and his veteran cast’s subtle approach and screenwriter Stephen Camelio’s at times surprising screenplay...

it’s nearly impossible not to be seduced by the majesty and tranquility of the Montana location or the film’s simple and heartfelt message. A particularly effective sun-kissed montage beautifully captures the power of communing with nature and the healing powers inherent in doing so. It is during this sequence, about an hour into the movie, that Caldwell beautifully drives home the effectiveness of this particular brand of therapy. Though it nearly overstays its welcome, the power and sincerity of “Line’s” message compels you to forgive its excesses, as does a third act that upends expectations in one key area. Quiet and genuine, the film’s prescription for what ails you is applicable to a great many ailments, making it a movie well worth seeking out.

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