"Pity any parent who must decide to send their children away from home for safety's sake.

Railway Children
The film opens Friday, September 23 in movie theaters nationwide via Blue Fox Entertainment. Visit the official site for more information and to purchase tickets.

Buoyed by the idea of Jenny Agutter's taking a role in a new adaptation of a story in which she has appeared thrice before -- first in a 1968 television series; then in Lionel Jeffries' 1970 film version, which I thoroughly enjoyed when I finally saw it a couple years ago; and most recently in a 2000 TV film -- I was curious to see what drew her interest again.

The story itself dates back to a novel by E. Nesbit, first published in 1906, which follows an affluent family whose fortunes change after their father is accused of being a spy. They move from London to Yorkshire in northern England and must adapt to their new lifestyle. The 1970 film version kept the same major plot elements in its narrative and manifested an appealing, plucky attitude."

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