Blue Fox Entertainment has reported a strong response here to the YA romance The QB Bad Boy And Me based on the Wattpad novel to star TikTok influencer Noah Beck in his feature acting debut and Siena Agudong from Netflix’s Resident Evil series.

Deals have closed in Germany and Austria (Capelight Pictures), Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and South Africa (Sun Distribution Group), France (SND), Australia and New Zealand (Kismet Movies), Scandinavia (Mis.Label), Switzerland (Praesens-Film AG), Turkey (Videomite), and Eastern Europe excluding Poland (Prorom).

Justin Wu, whose credits include CBC’s K-Pop series Gangnam Project, directed the feature about a headstrong dancer whose dreams of getting into the best dance school in the country and her late mother’s alma mater are derailed when cheeky, secretly grieving American Football star Drayton (Beck) crashes into her life. Drew Ray Tanner from Riverdale also stars.

Adam Wescott, McKenna Marshall, Wattpad Webtoon Studios’ Aron Levitz, and Lindsey Ramey are producing. David Madden is executive producing for Wattpad Webtoon Studios alongside Lindsay Macadam, David Way and Tony Chung for Thunderbird Entertainment’s Great Pacific Media, which will finance and produce the project in Canada.

Mary Gulino and Crystal Ferreiro adapted the screenplay to The QB Bad Boy And Me based on the book by Tay Marley.

It was announced earlier this week that the film will debut as a Tubi Original in North America later this year.

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