Mending The Line director Joshua Caldwell explains the importance of portraying fly fishing and military PTSD accurately in the Brian Cox film.

Mending The Line is an emotional movie that is sure to touch everyone who watches it. It follows John Cotler, an injured Marine who is dead set on returning to combat as soon as his physical wounds heal. When he meets an older fly-fisherman and a photographer turned librarian, he works towards finding something to live for, instead of finding something to die for.

Joshua Caldwell (Infamous) has been working in the entertainment business since 2001. He is an accomplished director, writer, and producer, although he only donned the director hat for Mending The Line. This film releases in theaters on June 9th.

Screen Rant sat down with director Joshua Caldwell to talk about the importance of accurately portraying the two major parts of this film, fly-fishing and military PTSD. He not only revealed that he is a fly-fisherman himself but explained that one of the cast members had experience with the sport as well. Joshua also discussed the phenomenal cast and bringing them on for the movie -- but don't worry, Brian Cox didn't ruin Succession season 4 for him.

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