Join DB in conversation with Molly McGlynn, the filmmaker and director behind "Fitting In" (starring Maddie Ziegler). The film explores the journey of a teenage girl diagnosed with the rare congenital disorder MRKH Syndrome. Molly discusses the challenges of translating such a personal experience onto the screen, the importance of depicting female pleasure in her work, and the subtleties in conversations about identities as it relates to MRKH Syndrome. Don't miss it!

(02:22 - 04:10) Exploring MRKH Syndrome in "Fitting In"

(15:48 - 17:09) Making a film about such a personal experience

(20:21 - 21:57) Maddie Ziegler's leading role

(30:31 - 32:15) Inclusivity in language (104 Seconds)

(33:06 - 34:46) Exploring MRKH and intersex representation

Molly McGlynn is a writer and director who has recently completed her second feature film, Fitting In, starring Maddie Ziegler and Emily Hampshire which will have its World Premiere at SXSW in March 2023 and will release on February 2nd in the US and Canada. She directed several television shows including Workin’ Moms, The Wonder Years, Grace and Frankie and the forthcoming Apple series The Big Door Prize and all ten episodes of the award-winning, International Emmy-nominated short form series How To Buy a Baby. She is currently developing her original television series, Penny Cuts Her Bangs (3Arts).

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