"Maddie Ziegler may have gotten her start as an actor, but she’s definitely caught the acting bug as of late. In the past few years, the Dance Moms alum has starred in films like Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story and The Fallout. Her latest film, Bloody Hell, marked the 20-year-old’s first leading role in a film. Turns out that the Pittsburgh native was ready and willing to do anything she needed to in order to secure a role in the cast.

What is Maddie Ziegler’s new movie, ‘Bloody Hell,’ about?

In Bloody Hell, Ziegler plays the role of 16-year-old Lindy. Billed as a “coming-of-age traumedy,” the film follows Lindy as she unexpectedly gets diagnosed with a rare reproductive disorder, Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) Syndrome. This diagnosis puts a strain on Lindy’s relationship with her mother (Emily Hampshire) and puts a wrench in Lindy’s plans to have sex. The film is semi-autobiographical in nature and based on a lot of the experiences of Molly McGlynn, who wrote and directed the movie."

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