While visiting a Christmas market in her Norwegian town, 8-year-old Mariann (starring Marte Klerck-Nilssen) suddenly sees an unbelievable sight: on the top shelf of a carnival game booth, the most adorable stuffed teddy bear has just moved his head and sneezed. Feeling an instant connection with the living stuffed-animal, Mariann can’t think of any better Christmas wish than to win him as a prize. But when someone else wins him, it’s up to Teddy and his new hedgehog friend, Bolla, to reconnect and discover the true importance of family and friendship. Teddy’s Christmas, originally known as Teddybjørnens jul in Norwegian, is directed by the Norwegian filmmaker Andrea Eckerbom, directing her second feature film after Forgotten Christmas previously, and work as a casting director before. The screenplay is written by Lars Gudmestad and Harald Rosenløw-Eeg. Produced by Thea Benedikte and Kevin Karlsen. (courtesy First Showing)

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