"Iuli Gerbase’s directorial debut The Pink Cloud will forever be known as the prophetic apogee of quarantine cinema—for those who have the stomach to get to know it in the first place. As we are still living through a pandemic (one which, multiple years in, now affects us ambiently, in uncountable ways), the film is nearly unwatchable. It cannot be covered the way most movies are in most outlets—that is, through the scrim of its entertainment value. Nothing about this film is entertaining, though nearly everything about it is significant. To watch it in the early months of 2022 is to experience something excruciatingly visceral, which serves first and foremost to remind us that every other trip to the cineplex we’ve taken in the past two years (in those rare instances when we’ve actually been able to go) has been nothing more than a cheap attempt at distraction from the painful conditions of our present reality."

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