Whether you want the inside skinny on Logan Roy, Hannibal Lecktor, Winston Churchill or King Lear, the mighty Scottish actor will be here to tell all.

Brian Cox needs no introduction – other than the usual one establishing which Brian Cox we’re talking about. This one is the 76-year-old Dundee-born actor, who started his career as a classically trained Shakespearean thespian, who played opposite Laurence Olivier in King Lear in 1983. His performances in Rob Roy and Braveheart shot him into the mainstream. Roles soon followed in The Long Kiss Goodnight and Super Troopers. Turns out Treadstone was all his fault in 2002’s The Bourne Identity. And if he’d been a bit nicer to the apes in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, perhaps they wouldn’t have taken over the world. Silly Brian.

Cox can still boast he was the original Dr Hannibal Lecter (or Lecktor), in Michael Mann’s Manhunter in 1986, he played Big Winnie in 2017’s Churchill. On TV, he’s appeared in Red Dwarf, Frasier, Deadwood, Doctor Who, The Simpsons and a little show called Succession that’s apparently very good. Now he promoting two films: Mending the Line, in which he plays a Vietnam vet who’s good at fly fishing, and Prisoner’s Daughter where as the title suggests, he’s a prisoner attempting to reconnect with his daughter (Kate Beckinsale).

Famously, Cox has always got a lot to say. It’s always a good Question Time when he’s a guest, and he previously told the Guardian how he made friends with a woodpecker during lockdown. So make sure your questions do him justice and get ’em in below by 6pm Friday 2 June – we’ll let you know what Brian says later that month.

Mending the Line is in US cinemas on 9 June. Prisoner’s Daughter is in US cinemas from 30 June. UK release dates are yet to be announced.

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