"There have been so many rom-coms over the years, audiences have honestly become numb to the standard formulas used for so many of these films. That is why Dating & New York is such a breath of fresh air.

Sure, it takes place in New York City, which seems to be the cinematic capital of the rom-com. But this is different. These are two early twenty-somethings who are trying to navigate the pratfalls of early adulthood and it is not necessarily going so well. Now, they have their friends and the “thrill” of dating and finding that special someone. But this is different. This isn’t Tom Hanks running into Meg Ryan somewhere, this is in the era of the dating app. It is one of these apps that bring our protagonists together, mostly for the better… but there are always challenges along the way that add to the drama and the mystery of the ultimate question—will they, or won’t they?"

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