"On Friday evening, Clarence Fuller’s Signs of Love made its premiere at the Brooklyn Film Festival, kicking off the weekend event. The film follows a struggling young man named Frankie (Hopper Penn), who meets a deaf woman named Jane (Zoë Bleu), and suddenly has hope for love. For Bleu, seeing the project finally hit the big screen was surreal, as it was filmed in 2020. “It was my first premiere for a film that I’m a part of,” says Bleu. “It was my first time seeing the film. It was really crazy to see myself on screen. I also never got to see a lot of the actors perform, because [we shot it during] COVID, so I’m really proud of everyone involved.”

Bleu learned sign language with the help of a tutor in roughly three weeks—no easy feat. “It was really difficult to learn—it’s hard to memorize all of the movements, and I wanted to do it correctly,” says Bleu. “But it's such a beautiful language.” Through the experience, she says she became a better actor. “I learned to listen to people’s body language, and understand how people communicate through the way they move,” says Bleu. “It gave me the opportunity to learn how to use my body as an instrument to communicate.”