"Babysitter Must Die opens with Josie’s (Riley Scott, Head Count) mother voicing her concerns about the big Christmas party. Only she’s concerned that her daughter isn’t going. She’s babysitting Sophia (Scarlett Hazen, Scarlett), the daughter of a wealthy record producer instead.

The girl’s parents Jen (Kristen Marie Jensen) and Rick (Robert Scott Smith) come home early because Rick and Patch (Alexander Woods) have an idea for a new track. Patch brings along his girlfriend Sadie (Kalli Therinae) ,an old school friend of Josie’s. But before she can make her exit, she’s talked into a last game of hide and seek. While she’s hiding a group of cultists break in, searching for something hidden in the walls. Can Josie, using the skills she learned at Camp Mustard Seed, save her employers? And, if the intruders are right, the world?"

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