Around here, the Venice Film Festival marks the start of the fall movie season. Stars will glide in on gondolas and unveil some of this year’s most promising titles, including new movies from some of our favorite directors — Sofia Coppola (Priscilla), David Fincher (The Killer), Michael Mann (Ferrari), and Pablo Larraín (El Conde) among them. Most will hit U.S. theaters in the weeks and months to come alongside the likes of Killers of the Flower Moon, Dune 2, and Ridley Scott’s take on Napoleon. Strap in for awards season, in other words, though this fall is packing more than just statue bait. Did you know we’re now up to ten Saw movies? Ten! A24, meanwhile, has made its first musical: Dicks: The Musical, which until recently we’d been calling F**king Identical Twins. And Harmony Korine will surely bamboozle us all with Aggro Dr1ft, a film shot all in infrared(?) and at least partly preoccupied with demonic crime lords and swords(??). There’s too much weird and great and silly stuff coming to squeeze into one paragraph. So we’ll let Vulture’s esteemed movies writers guide you from here...

More anticipated films:

Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose (in theaters September 1), Perpetrator (streaming on Shudder September 1), The Good Mother (in theaters September 1), The Equalizer 3 (in theaters September 1), The Nun 2 (in theaters September 8), Sitting in Bars With Cake (streaming on Prime Video September 8), Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (in theaters September 8), Rotting in the Sun (in theaters September 8), Satanic Hispanics (in theaters September 14), Love at First Sight (streaming on Netflix September 15), A Million Miles Away (streaming on Prime Video September 15), El Conde (streaming on Netflix September 15), Outlaw Johnny Black (in theaters September 15), Elevator Game (streaming on Shudder September 15), The Inventor (in theaters September 15), The Saint of Second Chances (streaming on Netflix September 19), Expend4bles (in theaters September 22), Stop Making Sense (in theaters September 22), Cassandro (streaming on Prime Video September 22), Drive-Away Dolls (in theaters September 22), Barber (in theaters and on demand September 22), It Lives Inside (in theaters September 22), No One Will Save You (streaming on Hulu September 22), Spy Kids: Armageddon (streaming on Netflix September 22), Dicks: The Musical (in theaters September 29), The Kill Room (in theaters September 29), Saw X (in theaters September 29), She Came to Me (in theaters September 29), Flora and Son (streaming on Apple TV+ September 29), and Fair Play (in theaters September 29 and streaming October 13).

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