"Mending the Line" is a touching small film about veterans who go fly-fishing as therapy for PTSD. Sinqua Wallis redeems himself from "White Man Can't Jump" as 'Colton,' a Marine injured in Afghanistan who's sent to a V. A. hospital in Montana. The guilt of losing his buddies on his final mission haunts him. His doctor (Patricia Heaton) introduces him to a grumpy Viet Nam veteran played by "Succession's" Brian Cox. The younger vet eventually earns the right to fish with him, a sport that must be approached with reverence.

Also in the mix, is a young librarian who is grieving her own loss as she and Colton try to make a connection. All three here have major emotional hurdles to overcome. But heading to the river with those Big Sky vistas, well it certainly can't hurt. We hear way too many fly-fishing metaphors for life as the librarian reads from books on the topic, but I forgive. We learn at the end that there's a real group of veterans who take part in therapy like this. We salute them and all servicemembers 'mending the line.'

(Blue Fox Entertainment. Rated R. Running Time 2 hrs. 2 min. In Theaters Only)

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