"The actress leads the coming-of-age drama "Bloody Hell" as a teenager who is diagnosed with a rare reproductive condition.

Name: Maddie Ziegler

Notable past credits: Ziegler costarred in the critically acclaimed film “The Fallout” with Jenna Ortega, which premiered at SXSW in 2021. The 20-year-old actress started out in the industry as a dancer, appearing in several Sia music videos after her “Dance Moms” breakout as a teen.

SXSW project: “Bloody Hell,” written and directed by Molly McGlynn. The film is based on McGlynn’s experience getting diagnosed with the rare congenital disorder MRKH Syndrome as a teenager. “It’s a heavy topic and this is Molly’s story, and I wanted to be very delicate about this process,” said Ziegler, who leads the coming-of-age film as Lindy. “I really wanted to trust my gut, and I trusted Molly so much.” "

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